Virginia Destroyers

Official UFL LogoThe Virginia Destroyers are a team in the UFL. This team first started out int he UFL back in 2011. Their home stadium was the Virginia beach sportsplex.

The Virginia Destroyers is a ferocious team with a diverse range of players all with their own abilities and skill sets. The destroyers were feared for there powerful and relentless offense.

Brief history

Originally Jim Speros was the owner of the Virginia Destroyers however his ownership was short lived as he relinquished his ownership of the Virginia Destroyers in the summer of 2010. JimSperos was later replaced with Doug Williams as general manager of the football team. However in February 2011 Williams decided to leave the team to coach Grambling state university instead.

Joe Moglia was the head coach for the team for a little while and then would go onto coach the Omaha night hawks team in the UFL.

Bill Mayer was announced as the owner of the destroyers team on July 28, 2011.