Omaha Nighthawks

Omaha Nighthawks football badge

Set up in 2010 the Omaha Nighthawks played in the UFL!

The Omaha nighthawks began playing in the United Football League in 2010 with their head coach Jeff Jagodzinski who used to coach the football team over at the Boston college. The Omaha night hawks were set up as a expansion team (An expansion team is a team that is brand new from a city which has never played in the league before).

Here is a brief history of the Omaha night hawks and how they came about!

The name Omaha hawks was picked after letting the fans suggest and vote for names. The local espn radio in Omaha helped with the campaign to name the team also local newspapers and other media outlets encouraged football fans to name this new team. After many many names were suggested a panel of judges then selected the Omaha nighthawks as the chosen name. This new name was announced in may 2010!

The Omaha Nighthawks first game in the UFL was up against Colonials, it was the UFL first ever match, this first game attracted many supporters and football fans drawing in a crowd of 24 ,000 which filled the stands On September 21! For the Nighthawks first game they played very well and made a excellent team beating the colonials by 27–26. This was the first of many exciting game yet to be played in the UFL!

In January 2011 Jeff Jagodzinski was put aside after the night hawks lost four games on the bounce and the Nighthawks hired a new coach in the hope to push their team on in the UFL, the night hawks new coach was Joe Moglia. After a few months coaching the nighthawks Moglia on December 2011 he left the team. Later in august 2012 Bart Andrus took over the team but his coaching career was short lived as the UFL closed.

However it has got to be said that this isn’t the end of the nighthawks at all. With future plans to put the United football league back in action one day hopefully the Omaha nighthawks may very be playing again!