Eli manning thought that his brother wouldn’t be playing in another Superbowl. In a recent interview with news reporters Eli talking about his brother Peyton told how after his brothers first surgery after Peyton sustained a neck injury Eli told news reporters how he thought Peyton was “done” and wouldn’t be playing in another Superbowl. Eli also told how Peyton couldn’t even throw a ball 15 yards which made Eli convinced he wouldn’t be back playing.

But luckily Eli was wrong about his brother as all eyes will be on Peyton in this years Superbowl final against the Seahawks…

John Elway has also commented on how Peyton will always have critics as the superbowl approaches. In an interview he said how when he signed Peyton back in 2012 executive at the Denver Bronoco’s wanted Peyton to finish his long career on a high and as the best ever quarterback. Peyton by record maybe the very best player ever but John Elway says that you wont ever have the “very best” football player because everyone has a different opinion and it all very subjective, he also added that  people will always question Peyton Manning’s ability and that their will always be manning haters out there… Even though Peyton has definitely proven himself this season and put his injuries behind him Manning haters are still questioning Manning’s ability under pressure and on the superbowl there sure will be a lot of pressure on manning to deliver!

Could this be another Superbowl win for Peyton manning? Do you think he is the “very best”? what do you think post yuour comments below and tell us your opinions!