Many football fans are annoyed at the sheer amount of ads when watching a game which now dominate our screens when watching football. When we asked football fans what they thought of the constant ads when watching football on tv many were annoyed by the ads. Some even said that the number of ads “ruin the experience of watching football because the ads “distract you” that you cannot focus on the match not when a ad pops up every now and again that”. Major sport like football is mainly funded by its sponsors but there should always be a balance between making money and going overboard. With lucrative tv deals and sponsorships to be had it is easy to turn football into nothing more than a cash cow. More needs to be done to stop the number of adverts the now plague our screens when we watch football. Football fans want to watch the game not be sold everything under the sun or be told what they need and should buy.

There is no doubt that football is America main sport and past time, it is a passion many American share. Our football is constantly being interrupted by annoying adverts to the point of madness. Football is simply being wrecked by the ad companies. Company’s will stop at nothing to feed America the ads we hate. Just having a ad for a couple of seconds showing on a super bowl final can cost in the millions of dollars. According to some reports a average football game will only have 15 minutes of real game play whilst everything else is ads ads ads…You still cant get away from the ads even when its not a commercial break. Most of the time when analysis and statics charts and graphics pop up on your screen they are accompanied with a random company brand name who has sponsored that chart or graphic.
With the constant interruptions these adverts bring it is making it harder and harder to actually follow a match now. It wasn’t long ago when I was watching a game on tv and as soon as something major happened it went a commercial.. it wont be long until it will be a commercial break every time a players passes the ball.

Many people are simply annoyed by the adverts and the constant bugging to buy all sorts of random products, yes I understand the premise of advertising and how it works but for me honestly I choose not to buy products that interrupt my football! The tv networks will push more and more adverts onto our screens ruining our game even more so what I say is next time you are watching football on tv and a ad pops up or whatever remember the product and remember not to buy it! If we put up with these adverts the more adverts we will get!