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    What is plantar fasciitis

    Plantar fasciiits (PF) what is it? Well it is something that a lot of football players never want to get.. who would really? As it is causes really bad arch pain and if you end up with it could mean you that might not be able to play for a number of games or in […] More

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    Preventing foot injuries in football

    In this post, guide if you will we shall be discussing how to prevent foot injuries in football after all it is called football. With so much twisting, weaving and running involved in football there is a increased chance of sustaining a foot injury whether it is plantar fasciitis, a sprained ankle or a fracture. […] More

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    Football injury prevention guide

    Full guide to looking after your entire body for football. From head to toe. (A WORK IN PROGRESS) Feet Lets start, your feet are quite important, if they sustain a injury how are you going to get your conversions in? Running can overtime cause long-term damage as running applies great pressure and strain on the […] More

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