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    49ers’ Eric Reid says Vice presidents walkout was “PR stunt”

    In an interview Eric Ried has said that Vice president Mike pence walking out at NFL game on Sunday between the colts and 49ers was a pr stunt. Mike Pence walked out on the game as no more than 20 players from the San Francisco team knelt during the national anthem. Donald Trump also tweeted […] More

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    Super Bowl 2014 highlights

    It was a monumental game for the Seahawks but for the Broncos it was a disaster. The Seahawks destroyed the Bronco side (The Broncos were favorite to win) the score at the end of the Super Bowl was 43 – 8. So what happened? 2-0 to the Seahawks Seahawks gained an easy early lead off […] More

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    Seahawks win the SuperBowl

    The Superbowl 2014 was a very one sided game dominated by the Seahawks as the Broncos failed to make any ground and score any points. It seems that the best offense is the best defense as the Seattle Seahawks take on the almighty Denver Broncos and win! It was a shocking game as the Seahwaks […] More

  • Eli manning talks about his brother Peyton

    Eli manning thought that his brother wouldn’t be playing in another Superbowl. In a recent interview with news reporters Eli talking about his brother Peyton told how after his brothers first surgery after Peyton sustained a neck injury Eli told news reporters how he thought Peyton was “done” and wouldn’t be playing in another Superbowl. […] More

  • Seahawks Richard Sherman is fined $7, 875 for being a bad sport

    Richard Sherman cornerback for the Seahawks has been reported to be fined $7, 875 for his unsportsmen like behavior in the last game against the Seahawks and the 49ers that put the seahawks side into the Superbowl. The behavior that has led Richard Sherman to be fined is when Sherman supposedly mocked a 49er player […] More

  • Broncos playing in orange at Superbowl

    The Broncos, will be playing in their orange home jerseys in the super bowl it has been announced. It will be a real super match on super Sunday were if you have been living in a cave for the whole NFL season the Broncos will go up against the Seahawks. In this anticipated match against […] More

  • What would you do if you owned your own football League?

    *For a bit of fun! It is a fans dream of owning their own football team let alone a whole league. With the power to change the rules to make football better what changes would you make American football if you owned your own league? How would you make football better than it already is? […] More

  • Aaron Rodgers still out for game against Steelers

    Many packers fans were waiting eagerly on the news as to whether their star quarterback will be able to play against the Pittsburgh Steelers however the packer fans will be sadly disappointed with the news that McCarthy has just announced. Aaron Rodgers still will not be playing for the packers yet again. Aaron Rodgers is […] More

  • Greenbay Packers beat Cowboys

    In the first half of the match the Greenbay Packers were down and looked as though they were out but no in the second half the packers managed to win by 37-36 in a amazing game of football which you dont see often. The packers managed to do the unimaginable by scoring touchdowns in all […] More

  • Who will take Mack Brown’s place?

    Mack brown head coach for the Texas Longhorns will be resigning after a long career with the Longhorns. How about Mike grundy to be the next coach after all he did lead the cowboys to a record of 77-37. Who will take the place of Mack Brown next football season? You can count out Nick […] More

  • Aaron Rodgers will not play on Sunday against the Cowboys

    Aaron rogers injured his collar bone earlier this season putting him out of play for many matches he has been recovering for several weeks however he still look as though he wont be playing against the cowboys! Aaron Rogers despite optimism will not be playing against the cowboys in the upcoming match between the Green […] More

  • Chargers beat Broncos

    The leaders of the league Denver Broncos have lost their first ever home game this season against a surprising team the Chargers! The Broncos managed to gain the lead first however this early lead was killed off by the Chargers good defense! In the game against the chargers and the Bronco’s it ended in 27-20 […] More

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