Super Bowl 2014 highlights

It was a monumental game for the Seahawks but for the Broncos it was a disaster. The Seahawks destroyed the Bronco side (The Broncos were favorite to win) the score at the end of the Super Bowl was 43 – 8.

So what happened?

2-0 to the Seahawks
Seahawks gained an easy early lead off the mistake of the Broncos as Manny Ramirez  snapped the ball over manning causing a humiliating safety as the ball fell into the end zone.

If Knowshon Moreno did not jump on the ball we could have seen a touchdown here!


When Seattle received the ball from a free kick from Denver pushed through the weak Broncos defense in a 51 yard drive. Percy Harvin managed to grab 30 yards he was eventually pushed out of bounds but the damage was already done.  The drive was then ended with a 31-yard field goal made by Hauschka that gave the seahawks more points on the scoreboard and more importantly more confidence… the score stood at 5-0 to the Seahawks. Who said that the Sea hawks couldn’t play offensively as well?

The Denver side couldn’t move and the seahawks managed to cause a three and out on the Bronocs second offensive possession. With the ball back in the Seahawks hands yet again with a 13-play, 58-yard drive. Doug Baldwin managed a 37 yard drive from the left sideline this gave the seahawks a prime position to nail some more points on the score board.. which they did with a field goal from Hauschka again.

The Seahawks would then score more points not with there offense but by using there strong defense to make an interception from a bad throw which the Seahawks pressured him into made by manning which went over Julius Thomas straight to Kam Chancellor.
Being in such a strong position at the 31 yard line the Seahawks managed to beat the Broncos back all the way to the 1 yard line then Marshawn Lynch marched into the end zone giving the Seahawks the first touchdown of the Superbowl!

With three quarters yet to play the Broncos really needed to buck up their game and get some points… Otherwise at this rate it would be humiliating.

The Broncos managed to get a first down in the second quarter and things were looking up… but this was short lived as the Broncos started making some ground manning had another interception caught by Malcolm Smith who then went all the way with a touch down, play which you dont see everyday.

It is was now the second half and the Bronocs were really starting to trail behind. Matt Prater kicked the ball hitting it to Harvin who went for a 87 yard touchdown.. the receiver had a clear run and the Broncos couldn’t do anything about it!

The Broncos slipped up again as they had the ball but lost it in a turnover as Demaryius Thomas mucked up in Seattles side of the pitch. Byron Maxwell punched the ball out and it was linebacker Smith who managed to pick up the fumble giving the ball back to Seattle. This then led the Seahawks to drive to the 23-yard from their own 42-yard line as the Broncos watched helplesly. Jermaine Kearse then received the ball and broke past the Bronocs weak defense giving the seahawks yet another touchdown… the score now was at 36-0 to the Seahawks!

At the end of the third quarter the Broncos finally managed to get something on the board with a touch down and a conversion to go along with it from Wes Welker. It came when manning threw to Demaryius Thomas who made a 14 yard touch down. Making it 36-8 but the Brinocs still had a long way to go.

The Seahawks wouldn’t let the Broncos celebrate to long with 48 yards on five plays giving the Seahawks the ground they needed for Wilson to give to Doug to make a 10 yard touchdown pass which would end the game at 43-8!


Seahawks win the SuperBowl


The Superbowl 2014 was a very one sided game dominated by the Seahawks as the Broncos failed to make any ground and score any points.

It seems that the best offense is the best defense as the Seattle Seahawks take on the almighty Denver Broncos and win! It was a shocking game as the Seahwaks annihilated the Broncos, the final score stood at 43 – 8, the Broncos were humiliated in New york.

The Broncos a started off the game poorly with a safety bad throw to manning which went over him taking the ball back in the N zone giving the Seahawks a 2 point lead even before the Seahawks even touched the ball. It was not a good game for the Broncos with poor throws from manning being intercepted and with the Broncos unable to make any yards meant that with the Broncos lacking a good defense the Seahawks could then manage to pick up yards of their own. It has got to be said though that this safety could not have been stopped by Manning… so you carnt blame him for that one. Manny Ramirez also said that it was his mistake after the game that it happened because the team was going for “cadence” and thought he heard Manning call and so he snapped the ball.

The offensive line of the Broncos couldn’t cope with the quick reflexes of the Seahawks who were on the the Broncos receivers like hawks.

Manning mania was crushed as well as Manning had a terrible game with two interceptions of his throws and with going 34-of-49 for 280 yards it wasn’t Manning’s best. With poor decisions and throws that he shouldn’t have made resulted in interceptions and touchdowns.

Instead of manning making the record books for all the right reasons manning instead has secured his name in the record books for all the wrong reasons as he is now the quarterback with the most most career playoff losses ever.

On the Seahawks side everyone was playing at their best for example Marshawn Lynch manged to get 39 yards and a touchdown all with only getting the ball 15 times in the game.

The rather shocking play from the Broncos may have overshadowed the Seahawks win… after all the sea hawks played really well and have never won a Superbowl before!

One of the more humorous notes of this Superbowl was at the beginning of the game at the coin toss Joe Namath a old former quarterback for the New york jets was given the honor of tossing the coin however he tossed it too soon before the Seahawks could call whether they wanted head or tails fortunately the referee stepped in just in time to catch the coin.. giving the Seahawks a chance to choose.

Why did the Broncos play so badly? The Broncos had so much hype and were surely going to win… but hype does win the games ans maybe the pressure got to them, and with so much attention on manning the rest of the team may have just put it all on him… not even the best can win a Superbowl single handily.

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Smith's touchdown

Smith managed a easy touchdown as the Broncos defense was rubbish


Eli manning talks about his brother Peyton

Eli manning thought that his brother wouldn’t be playing in another Superbowl. In a recent interview with news reporters Eli talking about his brother Peyton told how after his brothers first surgery after Peyton sustained a neck injury Eli told news reporters how he thought Peyton was “done” and wouldn’t be playing in another Superbowl. Eli also told how Peyton couldn’t even throw a ball 15 yards which made Eli convinced he wouldn’t be back playing.

But luckily Eli was wrong about his brother as all eyes will be on Peyton in this years Superbowl final against the Seahawks…

John Elway has also commented on how Peyton will always have critics as the superbowl approaches. In an interview he said how when he signed Peyton back in 2012 executive at the Denver Bronoco’s wanted Peyton to finish his long career on a high and as the best ever quarterback. Peyton by record maybe the very best player ever but John Elway says that you wont ever have the “very best” football player because everyone has a different opinion and it all very subjective, he also added that  people will always question Peyton Manning’s ability and that their will always be manning haters out there… Even though Peyton has definitely proven himself this season and put his injuries behind him Manning haters are still questioning Manning’s ability under pressure and on the superbowl there sure will be a lot of pressure on manning to deliver!

Could this be another Superbowl win for Peyton manning? Do you think he is the “very best”? what do you think post yuour comments below and tell us your opinions!

Seahawks Richard Sherman is fined $7, 875 for being a bad sport

Richard Sherman cornerback for the Seahawks has been reported to be fined $7, 875 for his unsportsmen like behavior in the last game against the Seahawks and the 49ers that put the seahawks side into the Superbowl. The behavior that has led Richard Sherman to be fined is when Sherman supposedly mocked a 49er player after a game deciding interception which happened when Sherman deflected the pass and then was intercepted as a result of a bad pass from Micheal Crabtrees. Sherman after the interception ran over to the San Fransisco player and offered him a “mocking” handshake which Crabtree responded by shoving Sherman in the face. In another incident that led to officials penalizing Sherman, Sherman was seen making another mocking “choke” gesture over to Colin Kaepernick the quarterback to the 49ers. Sherman is yet to say anything about the fine. Football fans only hope that these unsportsman like antics do not ruin the SuperBowl on Super Sunday against the Broncos, a reason for the heavy fine may have just been a message to Sherman that antics like these will not be tolerated especially in the finals!

After the game Sherman later “ranted” on national tleviosn about Crabtree wich did not come across as great for Sherman… with some now calling him a thug, however this fine is said to be unconnected with the interview off the field.

Broncos playing in orange at Superbowl

The Broncos, will be playing in their orange home jerseys in the super bowl it has been announced. It will be a real super match on super Sunday were if you have been living in a cave for the whole NFL season the Broncos will go up against the Seahawks. In this anticipated match against two legendary and very different football side the Broncos who are all about offense with their star quarterback Peyton Manning, will be up against the Seahawks who are all about defensive play and crumbling the opposite side.

The SuperBowl game will be held in New Jersey at the  MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford on Sunday the 2nd of February!

The Broncos have had such a great season and Peyton Manning has never played as strong… In their last game against the patriots the Denver side managed to beat the patriots 16-26! The Seahwaks in their last match defended well and held back the strong 49ers who were the favorites to win that game.

The Superbowl really will be a clash of the titans but we already know who will be the star of the game though Peyton Manning, who has shown skill, talent and determination through out the whole season.. even if the Broncos do loose the Superbowl Peyton Manning has won the respect of many football fans and has made a name in the list of top ever quarterbacks!

Football injury prevention guide

Full guide to looking after your entire body for football. From head to toe. (A WORK IN PROGRESS)

Lets start, your feet are quite important, if they sustain a injury how are you going to get your conversions in?

Running can overtime cause long-term damage as running applies great pressure and strain on the ligaments, tendons and bones in your foot but these strains don’t just effects your feet but the pressure, stress and pain can travel up through your feet up to your knees, legs and hips… and that is just running. in football there are plenty more hazards to your feet and body that can cause much more damage. That is why you need at least some protection. As we all know football is one of the harshest and toughest sports around.. with so many clashes of bodies and power means injury can be very much inevitable but minimizing the damage caused can be easily done. Protecting your feet from the shocks pressures and pressures is one way to start. Just buying some good $10 insoles can be one simple but effective way to protect and better support your feet.
In standard football shoes you will find that they will often not provide adequate support and the soles will be flat, this is bad flat insoles do not provide proper arch support that your feet really need. Flat insoles can cause excess strain on the arches of your feet as the plantar fascia becomes tight this is further exaggerated when running. Plantar fasciitis is therefore common in athletes that do not take all of this seriously and do not wear the best insoles.
The right footing and support in your shoes can also effect and improve your balance. Giving you more confidence in sports like football as you will be much more protected and secure in your footwear and better able to support yourself which is handy with all the quick movement and weaving in and out of players that is needed in football for example. In football if you aren’t caught up in a tackle or a collision somehow then you aren’t playing the game right! When you do get caught up in a collision those who are wearing good supportive footwear and insoles are less likely to sustain serious damage to their ankles. It is thought that those who have the right footwear and support are 30% less likely to sustain a sprained ankle when falling on their ankle awkwardly this is because of how good footwear can support the foot in a natural and strong position, overtime wearing good support has also shown to improve flexibility and strength in the foot tendons and ligaments which really helps prevent injury.

Achilles tendinitis can develop overtime through overuse of the heel through the build up of pressure under the heel, this has also been linked to tightening of the plantar fascia and like I have already explained this is a leading cause to plantar fasciitis. . Stopping the pressure build up under your heel is easily done.. you need to either get some insoles or heel pads that are designed to spread pressure making it less concentrated and instead spread shock evenly through out your foot instead.

Shin splits are a common problem one what just about everyone gets even if you are not a football player not not. The main cause of shin splits is the build up of pressure in the shin area often caused by over pronation of the the feet this causes tightening in the arch which then causes tightening in the Achilles tendon and as a results tightens the shins area too. Bad running technique and constant forces and pressure traveling up to your shin area when you run can be stopped through a pair of shock absorbing insoles (which really do the trick do the trick).

As you can see most of the injuries and problems can be helped just by wearing some decent insoles. To summarize make sure you get insoles that fit your correctly, put your feet in a natural potions, offer arch support spread pressure and absorb shocks and impact forces.

What about protecting your knees? Your knees are really quite important in any sport, but like any body part overuse and incorrect running technique, not warming up thoroughly before a match can cause lasting damage and injury from jumpers knee to acl knee injuries. These can be often avoided if you make sure you warm up so there ain’t no surprises half way through a game you can also buy knee supports that support your knee in such a way to help encourage correct movement in the knee helping to improve your movement in your knee and running technique and make it harder for you to move your knee in such a way that could potentially causes problems and damage to your knee too.

Upper body injuries
Most of the upper body problems and injuries in football are caused by poor posture. Being relaxed but aware of your posture may sound like a paradox but keeping your shoulders back relaxed (not rolled forward) and your head held high (as though you are being pulled up by a string attached to you head) and keeping your back straight helps to keep tension and pressure off your neck, back muscles and bones helping reducing fatigue as well and in collisions you will be in a much better position to come out of it injury through.. having bad posture is likely to mean that you muscles are less supportive, less able to cope under even more strain and in collisions you have a greater chance at falling into an even worse and compromising position causing even worse injuries. Good posture also helps you run faster as well! Back supports can be worn whilst playing football if you want to make sure that your posture is maintained through out the game. Back supports aren’t recommended for everyday however because they may weaken supportive muscles in the back as it is always best to make your muscles do the work where posture is concerned, but back supports do do a good jobs whilst you play football in maintaining good posture and help support the back correctly so when there is a collision the effects and damage to your back are minimized.

What is plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciiits (PF) what is it? Well it is something that a lot of football players never want to get.. who would really? As it is causes really bad arch pain and if you end up with it could mean you that might not be able to play for a number of games or in some bad cases of plantar fasciitis it may take some months to fully heal up meaning you could miss a whole season. Unlucky for football players, is that PF is a very common injury in football!

Plantar fasciitis=inflammation of the arches of your feet simple as that, but the degree of inflammation can range in severity.

Pronation is really important, if your feet over (high arches) or under pronate (flat feet) can put you at greater risk of straining the arches causing pains and PF because their is a lot more tension in the plantar fascia and the plantar fascia is less flexible and less able to cope under strain and pressure than normal pronating feet. Pronation can be a little confusing see this article for a more in depth explanation.

If you are suffering from arch pain chances are you might be suffering from planar fasciitis especially if the arches of your feet hurt the most just as you wake up and take your first steps of the day this is because the plantar fascia the tissue that makes up your arch of your foot and carries your feet will be much tighter in the mornings and thus more sensitive it is also when the plantar fascia is tight like this that damage and inflammation of the plantar fascia is more likely so warm up’s and stretches to make the plantar fascia more flexible is needed before every physical workout… Usually it is when footballer forget or do not adequately warm up their feet before a game causing them to play with a tight plantar fascia that increases their chances of getting PF because the tissue that makes up the plantar fascia is less flexible and more susceptible to strain and inflammation because of this.

Just doing warm up is isn’t enough sometimes. Your arches are put under a lot of strain especially in sports when your are running and jumping around causing lots extra shock and pressure that can be harmful to your feet and cause inflammation so what you need if you are playing sports like football is to make sure that you are wearing a good pair of shoes which either have arch support and shock absorption added to them.. if not you can always buy some insoles and add them into your football shoes as well. You can buy shock absorbing, gel insoles which will all so adapt and mold to your feet to reduce pressure on your heel and other sensitive areas of your foot where pressure can build up. You maybe wanting to buy some wooly or soft insoles to keep your feet warm when playing football out in the cold but this isn’t the best idea as soft insoles dont usually offer the rigid support and shock absorption your feet need and may in fact cause more problems. Good insoles should help with balance and should restore your bio mechanics of your feet.. bad bio mechanics can cause problems such as bunions. Insoles can also be used as a way of treatment to help with recovery and speed it up as you take some of the stress and strain off your feet if you decide to walk whilst recovering even though it is not advisable, in the later stages of recovery and you want to get back on your feet again using insoles is a good idea.

Many great footballers alike have succumbed to plantar fasciitis when they really could have easily avoided this condition if they took the right steps in preventing it (sorry for the pun couldn’t help it).



What would you do if you owned your own football League?

*For a bit of fun!

It is a fans dream of owning their own football team let alone a whole league. With the power to change the rules to make football better what changes would you make American football if you owned your own league? How would you make football better than it already is? How would you compete against other football leagues to ensure yours was the best and the one that everybody wanted to watch? Share your thoughts on the rules, the structure of the league, how you would draft players, what city’s your league would set up in, and how your football league would differ from all the rest or anything else that makes a football league a good one in the comments below!

Aaron Rodgers still out for game against Steelers

Many packers fans were waiting eagerly on the news as to whether their star quarterback will be able to play against the Pittsburgh Steelers however the packer fans will be sadly disappointed with the news that McCarthy has just announced.

Aaron Rodgers still will not be playing for the packers yet again. Aaron Rodgers is said to be out for the packers game against the Steelers today that means that Aaron Rodgers has missed 7 weeks in a row! Aaron Rodgers is one of the packers greatest quart backs and him missing so many football games this season has really effected the packers. McCarthy made the announcement saying that Aaron Rodgers is still not fit enough to play. It is quite clear that the packers do not want to run the risk of sending Aaron Rodgers out when he is not fully recovered. Aaron Rodgers has been suffering from a fractured collar bone that he got way back on Novermber 7th. Taking his place yet again Matt Flynn who has now been the main player for the packers for 4 straight games. If it wasn’t for Matt Flynn having a good season and filling the void that Aaron Rodgers left then the packers really would be in a whole heap on trouble.

Aaron Rodgers will be quite annoyed of watvhing the game from the sidelines as he was eager to play in thursdays trainning match however with the docs still not giving the all clear it Aaron rodgers will just have to watch.

Will Aaron rodgers finally be ready to play next week or not? Or is Matt flynn starting to be the main player in the


Greenbay Packers beat Cowboys

In the first half of the match the Greenbay Packers were down and looked as though they were out but no in the second half the packers managed to win by 37-36 in a amazing game of football which you dont see often.

The packers managed to do the unimaginable by scoring touchdowns in all five of their second half possessions thanks largely due to there quarterback Matt flynn.

In this game it wasnt as though the cowboys were playing badly as they managed to break records in the first half with 332 in the first half putting them in the lead by 23 points. At half time the Cowboys were winning by 26-3 and it looked as though the packers were going to be humiliated in the next half.

It was a really tight game, even in the last eight minutes fans didn’t know who was going to win as the Cowboys managed to grab a 12 point lead after a super touchdown from Dez Bryant.

But it was a few mistakes near the end of the match by the cowboys that meant it was the packers who won and not them. Tony Romo with a really bad pass to Miles Austin meant that in the final minutes of the games Sam shields was able to then make sure that the Packers get the win.

There was a last chance for the cowboys to snatch it back at the very end but Romo also mucked up again with his next interception he could not deliver the ball over to Cole Beasley which put the last nail in the coffin for the Cowboys.

Romo may have lost it for the Cowboys… Romo with the first interception could have played the ball to Miles Austin however the packers put pressure on Romo, which made him crumble and produce such a poor throw. He didn’t have to pass to Miles Austin when he did he could still have did a run-pass trow instead but maybe the pressure mucked up his decision making process.

Despite the fight the Cowboys put up in this football game it wasn’t enough. The cowboys are on the brink of early elimination.

The Packers however are as strong as ever thanks to Flynn delivering as expected. The great quarterback really did show off his talent in this game after five very impressive touchdown one after another.

-2 players in the game were injured which were Justin Durant from the Cowboy team and Johnny Jolly from the Packers.